Save Kittens’ Eyes

With advances in biomedical research using non-animal related techniques, there is no reason for subjecting newborn kittens to such invasive tests.

Paws Down!
To Cardiff University for using kittens for research into human eye conditions.

According to a news story, Cardiff University has been “conducting ‘cruel’ experiments in which kittens’ eyes were sewn up and newborn litters raised in total darkness.”

With advances in biomedical research using non-animal related techniques, there is scant reason for the university to continue subjecting newborn kittens to such devastating tests. Instead of using animals, many scientists use human and animal cell, tissue, and organ cultures; chemical systems; blood products; sophisticated mathematical and computer simulations; and plastic organ models. Alternatives, such as Eytex, Skintex®, epiPack, take the place of harmful tests on animals. Advances in tissue engineering and robotics, bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, metabonomics, systems biology, and in silico (computer-based) systems offer alternatives to animal use.

Animal testing can take months if not years at expenses ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to multi-millions of dollars, whereas computer modeling can take place instantaneously and at far lower costs, especially the cost to the animals and their suffering. In vitro tests involving human cell and tissue cultures are faster, cheaper, and more reliable than animal tests in many instances.

Take Action: Write a polite letter to the vice chancellor of the university urging him to curtail experiments on kittens and suggest the university use alternative, non-animal tests instead.

Dr. David Grant
Vice Chancellor
Cardiff University
Park Place
Cardiff CF10 3AT
United Kingdom

Vegan Diet Heralded as Health Solution

Paws Up!

To the World Preservation Foundation for its report on promoting vegan diets.

The World Preservation Foundation issued a report to the Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom entitled Plant-Based Diets: A Solution to Our Public Health Crisis.

Photo by Martin Cathrae/Flickr

According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, collaborator on the report and Director of Research for the Nutritional Research Project for the National Health Association, “New dietary guidelines emphasizing nutrient-rich plant foods can enable modern populations to dramatically improve their health, dramatically reduce healthcare costs, while at the same time save millions of needless deaths from heart disease, strokes, cancer and diabetes. It is time for an evolution in healthcare where prevention via proper diet, not drugs, becomes the foundation of modern healthcare.”

A plant-based diet not only helps humans live more healthy lives, it reduces the amount of death and degradation to farmed animals, preserves the environment, reduces the amount of water used to process food, and creates a surplus food supply in areas where hunger is most prevalent.

Take Action: Please take a moment to thank the World Preservation Foundation for its in-depth report that promotes healthy plant-based eating. Then, take a look at your own eating habits. Are they in line with the report’s message? If not, what can you do today to eat healthy not only for yourself but for your planet?

Sam Rogers, Founder
World Preservation Foundation
Office 404, 4th Floor
Albany House
324/326 Regent Street
London W1B 3HH
Tele. No.: +44 (0) 1293 40 70 50


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