Acoustical Assault

Paws Down!

To Connyland theme park, Switzerland, and Miami Seaquarium, Florida, for holding raves in proximity to the sea creatures.

In a line we all use at times, “What were they thinking,” two organizations decided to hold raves in proximity to aquariums that house captive dolphins, orcas, and other marine mammals.

Isn’t it enough that we capture and contain these magnificent creatures in oversized bath tubs, do we now have to have pyrotechnics, ear shattering music, and hundreds, if not thousands, of partygoers in close proximity to their unnatural homes?

According to one news report, noise levels at the Connyland theme park reached the level of pneumatic drills set on top volume. In addition, it was reported that attendees tossed all manner of debris into the animals’ pools, including drugs.

It was reported that two dolphins at the Connyland theme park died most likely as a result of the 2-day rave. While no deaths have been reported of animals at Miami’s Seaquarium, one has to doubt the dolphins, orcas, and other sea creatures were in a partying mood while the event was going on.

What were the owners of these parks thinking?

Take Action: Write the owners of Seaquarium and Connyland urging them to discontinue holding events that place the animals in unsafe conditions that may lead to their deaths. Of course, the strongest action any of us can take is to stay away from these theme parks where captive wild animals are made to live in oversized bath tubs all year around.

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