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The president of the Navajo Nation has ordered a temporary suspension of the roundup and slaughter of feral horses on the reservation.

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To the president of the Navajo Nation for no longer endorsing horse slaughter.

According to a news article , “…the president of the Navajo Nation, Ben Shelly, has reversed his stance on horse slaughtering, saying he will no longer support it and will order the temporary suspension of the roundups of feral horses on the reservation.”

Horse slaughter had once been almost eliminated in the United States. However, there is now the possibility that horse slaughterhouses will once again become operational.

Take Action: Send a note of thanks to the president of the Navajo Nation for his decision. Additionally, if you live in a state where there is a proposal for a horse slaughterhouse to open, contact your local and state legislators and let them know there is no room in your state for such a business.

Ben Shelly, President
Navajo Nation
Post Office Box 7440
Window Rock, Navajo Nation, AZ 86515

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