New Jersey May Pass New Law to Combat Puppy Mills

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To the New Jersey Legislature for passing a bill to combat puppy mills . 1405554422rof0w

The Pet Purchase Protection Act, also known as S1870, would require pet stores to display on each cage of a dog or cat for sale the full name, address and license number of the breeder who supplied the animal for sale. The bill also requires pet stores to post instructions for customers on how to access the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection reports for breeders.

Additionally, pet stores would be barred from selling dogs and cats provided by breeders without a USDA license or any breeder who has been cited on a USDA inspection report during the two-year period prior to the purchase of the animal by the pet shop. This bill passed unanimously in both the New Jersey Senate and House of Representatives and is now awaiting Governor Chris Christie’s signature to pass into law.

Take Action: Residents of New Jersey, contact Governor Chris Christie and politely urge him to sign this vital bill into law.

The Honorable Chris Christie
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625 609-292-6000

Pets Plus Naturals Stops Puppy Mill Purchases, Promotes Adoption Instead

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To Pets Plus Naturals for transitioning from pet store to animal rescue partner.

Photo by Cornfusion

Photo by Cornfusion

According to a recent news story, a pet store chain in the Philadelphia, PA area will no longer participate in the for-profit sale of puppies and kittens. Instead, Pets Plus Naturals pet stores has decided to partner with multiple animal rescues to find homes for pets at risk of euthanasia in shelters in the eastern United States.

Owner Bruce Smith and co-owner Mark Araeia of Pets Plus Naturals realized overwhelming numbers of dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens are dying as a result of pet overpopulation. The two entrepreneurs also cited horrifying conditions in puppy mills as a reason to transition to the pet adoption model. In addition to housing homeless pets and facilitating adoption, Pets Plus Naturals will transfer 100% of adoption fees to animal rescue partners.

Take Action: Contact Pets Plus Naturals  and express your support of the company’s new pet adoption policy.

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Iowa Bill Takes Aim at Puppy Mills

An Iowa bill would increase regulation of animals in the pet trade.

An Iowa bill would increase regulation of animals in the pet trade.

Iowa is considering a bill, SF 2254, that would increase state regulation of the commercial pet market and mandate specific standards of care for animals in breeding facilities and pet stores. This bill aims to combat the horrendous conditions found in puppy mills and inhumane pet dealers in the state of Iowa. Animals in the pet trade are vulnerable to abuse and neglect in every phase of the buying and selling process. Breeding dogs may never leave the mill where they produce puppies for sale. Within these mills, dogs may be stacked in cramped wire boxes with gaps in the flooring that allow urine and feces to fall below into the lower cages. Puppies who survive the mill may be sold through similarly inhumane market venues.

Iowa residents, please contact your legislators  and urge them to support SF 2254.





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Chicago Joins a Growing Pack


No longer store merchandise in Chicago

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To the City of Chicago for adopting an ordinance that restricts the sale of commercially-bred animals.

The City Council of Chicago voted to adopt a new ordinance that will restrict the sale of commercially-bred dogs, cats, and rabbits within the city limits. Several other cities have enacted such restrictions, including Los Angeles and San Diego, California, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Commercial breeding facilities, often referred to as puppy mills, are nothing more than breeding grounds for death and despair. If you want to bring a dog, cat, or rabbit into your home, contact your local animal shelter or find a rescue group in your area to help pair you with your next companion animal. Never purchase an animal over the Internet or from a pet store as the majority of these animals have been bred in puppy mills.

Take Action: Chicago City residents, write a note of thanks to your mayor, city clerk, and council members for enacting this critical legislation that will protect animals in your city. Residents of other cities, please contact your legislators and urge them to enact similar restrictions.

The Honorable Rahm Emanuel, Mayor
Ms. Susana Mendoza, City Clerk
City Hall
121 N. LaSalle Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602

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When you think about it…why adopt from a shelter?

Adopting from an animal shelter has several benefits compared to adopting from a commercial breeding facility.

Adopting from an animal shelter has several benefits compared to adopting from a commercial breeding facility.

While many people understand and appreciate the benefits of adopting an animal from a local shelter, others still do not “get it.” According to a survey, many young adults believe buying from a breeder is a better option than adopting from a shelter. They believe shelter animals are less desirable than those they can buy from a breeder or pet store. What they don’t understand is that some animals bought from breeders and most animals bought from pet stores come from puppy mills where the breeding animals live in filth and disease their entire, usually short, lives.

How do we go about convincing people that shelter animals are appropriate additions to our homes? First, a shelter animal is already here. He/she was born whether intentionally or unintentionally. To buy from a puppy mill or “backyard” breeder encourages those sources to continue making money off the backs of their breeding animals. If you want to be part of the humane movement, rescuing a dog or cat from a shelter rather than supporting the abuse rampant in mills and with irresponsible breeders is definitely the way to go.

Another reason shelter animals are preferable is often they are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots, and full grown. If you want a puppy or kitten, many shelters have an abundance of those, too. Additionally, many shelter animals already have some basic obedience training and are often house trained as well.

To encourage people to adopt, shelters need to go outside the borders of their building. They need to advertise to the community where they are, they must have hours compatible with the time potential adopters have available, and they must encourage the community to support their programs with their time, talent, and money.

Most of us who have companion animals recognize the benefits they bring to us. But what benefits do we bring to them? If we are supporting commercial breeding facilities, we are bringing nothing but death and despair to them; if we are supporting our local shelters, we are bringing hope and a “fur”ever life. When you think about it…why wouldn’t you adopt your next companion from an animal shelter?

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Puppy Mills Bad for Business

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To shopping center developer Macerich for banning the sale of live animals in more than 70 of its malls across the United States.

Shopping center developer Macerich announced a new policy—it will no longer renew leases of existing pet stores that sell animals. Instead, the developer will open humane stores offering adoptions of rescued pets.

Photo by NHES

Most, if not all, animals sold in pet stores come from puppy, kitten, bird, and other species-specific mills where breeding animals are kept in deplorable conditions their entire lives—which are often drastically shortened due to substandard care—and where the offspring are taken from their family units and shipped miles across country to languish in pet stores.

By not renewing leases of existing pet stores that sell animals and instead opening humane stores offering adoptions of rescued animals, Macerich has set a standard for other mall owners to follow.

Take Action: Contact Macerich and thank the company chairman and CEO for this forward-thinking and life-saving action. In addition, if you know of malls in your community that have pet stores where live animals are sold, talk to the owners and find out what they have to say about the decision of Macerich. Maybe you can start a movement in your community to convince pet stores selling live animals to stop doing so and instead create space for animals from shelters and rescue groups to be placed for adoption. Selling animals from mills is bad for business. Assisting a community by focusing on rescued animals is good for business.

Arthur M. Coppola
Chairman and CEO
11411 N. Tatum Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85028-2399
Tele. No.: 602-953-6550

Sources: Global Animal
News 4, Tucson KVOA


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Puppies Are Not for Sale

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To PJ’s Pets and Pets Unlimited for announcing they will no longer sell puppies at any of their stores.

According to a news report, “As of September 1st, [PJ’s Pets and Pets Unlimited] focus will be to support pet adoption services in an effort to find homes for thousands of pets in local SPCA’s, Humane Societies, rescue groups and shelters across the country.

“Each store will have a dedicated area for adoption organizations to hand out brochures/pamphlets, handle adoption applications, and show photos of adoptable pets. Stores that can accommodate it will have kennel space reserved for shelter pets. The company is reaching out to a long list of groups that it hopes will take advantage of and benefit from this program.”

Photo by Cornfusion

Too many puppies sold in pet stores are the product of puppy mills; so stores that refuse to sell puppies are saying to the mill owners, we do not want to sell the products of misery, degradation, and despair.

Take Action:  Canadian residents, thank PJ’s Pets and Pets Unlimited for making this move. To the rest of our readers, please contact pet stores in your communities if they are selling puppies and urge them to stop supporting the horror of puppy mills and help support the dogs of their community by working with humane societies and rescue groups.

Stacey Halliday, Director of Marketing
PJ’s Pets/Pets Unlimited
4161 Sladeview Cresent, Unit 12
Mississauga, Ontario L5L 5R3
Tele. No.: 1-877-707-PETS, ext. 238


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