When you think about it…good can come from evil.

Keep the good news coming, look into adopting a retired greyhound!

We know what happens to racing greyhounds when they are no longer able to race. They are either killed or, if lucky enough, find themselves rescued by one of the many greyhound rescue organizations around the country. But what happens when a greyhound racing track closes? What happens to the property?

According to an organization dedicated to ending greyhound racing, GREY2K USA, 26 tracks have closed for live racing. One of those tracks was auctioned off with plans for a business and accompanying housing units. Another will become the site of a complex of new school buildings. A third will soon be the home of a new Boys and Girls Club; and two were demolished to make way for the creation of hundreds of homes, a town center, church auditorium, and a 20-acre park. Still another will be home of a new municipal center and an animal adoption center.

How fitting is it that land once was used to race greyhounds is being used to support communities with homes, businesses, centers for children, and safe havens for abandoned animals.

When you think about it…isn’t it time to close all greyhound racing tracks and turn what were places of despair, death, and degradation into places of hope, happiness, and joy?

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