Bristol, CT Passes Ordinance to Reduce Cat Overpopulation

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To the city council of Bristol, Connecticut for issuing an ordinance to decrease cat overpopulation through mandatory spay and neuter.

Two CatsIn a recent news article, Ellen Zoppo-Sassu, a Bristol City Councilwoman, related the terms of an ordinance that was passed concerning feral cat overpopulation in the area. It is volunteer-based and complaint-driven. Under the new ordinance, anyone with a cat over the age of six months will be required to have him or her spayed or neutered. Those who disregard the ordinance could face a $90 fine. The ordinance aims to decrease the feral cat population in the area.

Take Action: Please contact your city council to request a mandatory spay and neuter ordinance to be passed in your city.

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Some FL Counties Partnering with TNR Programs to Reduce Euthanasia

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To Volusia County Animal Control for implementing TNR to reduce feral cat numbers.

TNR programs prevent feral cats from reproducing, reducing disease and populations over time.

TNR programs prevent feral cats from reproducing, reducing rates of disease and populations over time.

Last year, Volusia County Animal Control in central Florida picked up 2,360 feral cats, nearly all of whom were euthanized due to the impracticality of feral cat adoption. According to a recent news article, Volusia County Animal Control Director Sergio Pacheco wants to reduce shelter crowding and euthanasia rates by implementing Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR).

Volusia County Animal Control is partnering with the nonprofit organization, Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare (CCAW), to capture feral cats. The cats will then be taken to CCAW’s mobile clinic for spay/neuter procedures and vaccinations. Afterward, the cats will be returned to the outdoors and monitored by a volunteer caregiver. As an added benefit, the county animal shelter will save precious space for other animals and be spared the financial expense of feral cat euthanasia – which cost the county over $200,000 last year. The Animal Control office in nearby Lake County is also interested in the TNR option, but would first have to revise a local ordinance to clarify that TNR does not constitute unlawful release of a cat. Other nearby counties are not pursuing the option at this time due to doubts about whether the community would support TNR.

Take Action: Contact your local animal control to express your support of TNR to reduce feral cat populations.

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Chicago Joins a Growing Pack


No longer store merchandise in Chicago

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To the City of Chicago for adopting an ordinance that restricts the sale of commercially-bred animals.

The City Council of Chicago voted to adopt a new ordinance that will restrict the sale of commercially-bred dogs, cats, and rabbits within the city limits. Several other cities have enacted such restrictions, including Los Angeles and San Diego, California, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Commercial breeding facilities, often referred to as puppy mills, are nothing more than breeding grounds for death and despair. If you want to bring a dog, cat, or rabbit into your home, contact your local animal shelter or find a rescue group in your area to help pair you with your next companion animal. Never purchase an animal over the Internet or from a pet store as the majority of these animals have been bred in puppy mills.

Take Action: Chicago City residents, write a note of thanks to your mayor, city clerk, and council members for enacting this critical legislation that will protect animals in your city. Residents of other cities, please contact your legislators and urge them to enact similar restrictions.

The Honorable Rahm Emanuel, Mayor
Ms. Susana Mendoza, City Clerk
City Hall
121 N. LaSalle Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602

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