Animal Welfare Laws May Increase in Pennsylvania

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To Senator Richard Alloway II and Senator John Eichelberger for working to improve animal welfare laws in the state of Pennsylvania.

In a recent news article, Senator Richard Alloway II proposed Senate Bill 373 and Senate Bill 78. S.B. 373, which would impose greater restrictions on animal tethering. The law would not allow owners to tether their dogs outside for more than 30 minutes when the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. S.B. 78 would prevent immediate family members from applying for a kennel license if another family member has had one revoked. Senator John Eichelberger has proposed

If passed, Cordelia's Law would include horses in the states animal cruelty statues, along with other companion animals.

If passed, Cordelia’s Law would include horses in the states animal cruelty statues, along with other companion animals.

Senate Bill 294, named Cordelia’s Law, after a horse who starved to death while being tied up in a junkyard. S.B. 294 would be the first bill in Pennsylvania to include horses in animal cruelty laws.

Take Action: Pennsylvania residents contact your legislators and petition that S.B. 373, S.B. 78, and S.B. 294 be passed into law. Non-residents, contact your state to see what types of animal welfare laws have been passed and express your support for laws that will grant animals more protection.

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New KY Bill Targets Dogfighting


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To Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo (D) for introducing a bill that would make activities related to dogfighting Class D felonies.

A new bill would make the breeding, selling, and training of dogs for fighting purposes felonies in KY.

A new bill would make the breeding, selling, and training of dogs for fighting purposes felonies in KY.

Organizing a dogfight is already a felony in Kentucky, as it is in every state. However, unlike other states, Kentucky’s dogfighting laws don’t include certain activities related to dogfighting as felony offenses. If passed, House Bill 154, introduced by House Speaker Greg Stumbo (D), aims to change that. According to a recent news article, HB 154 would make the possession, training, breeding, and selling of dogs for the purpose of dogfighting Class D felonies. In the bill’s current form, the provisions would also include protections for other four-legged animals, such as pigs, who have historically been involved in violent “hog-dog” fights for entertainment or betting purposes. The bill has already been approved by the House Judiciary Committee.

Take Action: Kentucky residents, contact your representatives and ask him/her to support HB 154.

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Fewer Unwanted Puppies in West Virginia

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To the Mercy County Commission for approving a new spay-neuter ordinance.

According to a news story, “…the ordinance would require pet owners to alter any cat or dog more than 6 months old unless they pay a $50 fee….” The ordinance also establishes an annual fee for breeding animals and requires all animals to be at least seven weeks old with proper vaccinations prior to sale.

Sterilization programs will slowly reduce the amount of animal suffering in the area by reducing the number of unwanted animals who die in shelters or on the streets. These progressive measures also save the county money while setting an example to neighboring communities.

The fees and regulations put on breeders in the county will help curb unscrupulous individuals who breed and sell unhealthy animals at the cost to both consumers and animals while earning money to help care for the homeless animals waiting in shelters.

Take Action: Write a letter to the Mercer County commissioners applauding their efforts to reduce pet overpopulation in their area and to continue the good work. Also, look into the regulations in your area. If your location does not have a spay-neuter ordinance, write to the local commission.

Also, do your part to end overpopulation and ensure that the animals around you are spayed or neutered.

Commissioner Joe Coburn
Commissioner Jay Mills
Commissioner Karen S. Disibbio
Mercer County Commission
1501 West Main Street, Suite 210
Princeton, WV 24740
Tele.: 304-487-8308
Fax: 304-487-8370

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