Ag-gag Laws Create Moral Compass Confusion

Dairy cows spend most of their lives producing milk, which means they must be continually pregnant.

We are taught at an early age the difference between right and wrong, and as we grow our knowledge increases of what is right and what is wrong. Our nation was founded by a set of rules that denotes this fact. When did that line start to blur? Money has played a key role in causing confusion in our moral compass. No one seems to be safe from its tantalizing grasp. Ag-gag laws are on the rise and with it confusion starts to form between what is right and what is wrong. This law punishes people for reporting illegal or unethical acts that occur in factory farms.

Factory farms are prevalent in the United States due to the high consumption of animal products. Our society highly values ease and accessibility. Because of the nature of our society we have created a need for factory farming especially through fast food chains. Animals in these farms are not treated with respect. They are treated as if they have no feelings. Ag-gag laws were created not to protect animals or the public interest but to keep businesses safe from regulations. Animals are not able to voice how they are being treated in these places. We, as animal welfare advocates, cannot be their voice when we will be punished by a law that states we are in the wrong as whistleblowers. Where do we draw the line?

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