Perrysburg High School Should Stop Goldfish Swallowing Tradition

pawsdownPaws Down!
To Perrysburg High School for allowing students to swallow live goldfish on school property.

It is hard to imagine why anyone would want to swallow a struggling, still-alive, goldfish whole. This file000481436678behavior is so heartless and disgusting, it strains belief that school administrators and public health officials have been condemning the stunt, historically propagated by college students, since as far back as 1939. Unfortunately, the egregious practice is still occurring in at least one American high school. According to three different news articles from 2013, 2014, and 2015, Perrysville High School students in Perrysville, OH, are continuing to obtain pet-store goldfish, which are swallowed en-mass during the annual boys’ varsity basketball game against Maumee High School.

Swallowing live goldfish for attention is a pathetic practice that delights in the pointless destruction of a defenseless animal. Taking part in an activity like this not only causes suffering and death to a living creature, but glibly proliferates a complete lack of regard or respect for life.

Take action.

Contact the administrators of Perryville High School and respectfully urge them to pass and enforce a school policy prohibiting the harming of animals.

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