North Carolina Passes “Ag-gag” Law

pawsdownPaws Down!

To the North Carolina legislature for passing the “Ag-gag” Law.cow (2)

In a recent news article, North Carolina has become the ninth state to approve an “Ag-gag” law.  The bill titled H.B. 405 was proposed to Governor Pat McCrory who vetoed it, but the Senate and House

overrode  the veto. Beginning 2016, it will be illegal to apply for a job at a factory farm operation with the purpose of gaining information that will bring to light the inhumane treatment of animals. This bill does not protect the welfare of animals in factory farming situations. It does the opposite and penalizes those who strive to be their voice.

Take Action: Contact your state representative and let them know you oppose “Ag-gag” legislation.

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