Sea World Won’t Phase Out Business of Captive Orcas, Dolphins

pawsdownPaws Down!
To SeaWorld San Diego for continuing its captive orca exhibit and dolphin shows.

Dolphins deserve the freedom to live out their lives in the wild.

Dolphins deserve  to live out their lives in the wild.

In the wake of documentaries such as “The Cove” and “Black Fish,” many tourists no longer wish to see captive orcas and dolphins perform for crowds. Some major tourist attractions currently in possession of cetaceans like orcas and bottlenose dolphins have responded by reconsidering the concept of cetaceans in captivity. For example, the Baltimore Aquarium still holds captive dolphins, but ended its dolphin shows in 2012. Furthermore, Baltimore Aquarium CEO, John Racanelli, announced last summer a plan to potentially build an off-shore dolphin sanctuary  where the center’s eight captive dolphins could retire in peace. Meanwhile, SeaWorld San Diego has responded to emerging public concern and dropping attendance by implementing public relations damage control measures. In December 2014, SeaWorld demoted CEO Jim Atchison  to Vice President and instituted lay-offs to cut operation costs. According to a recent news article, the company is attempting to warm public opinion by enlarging the aquatic enclosure for the company’s eleven captive orcas. However, SeaWorld San Diego has not expressed any intention to end or phase out the attraction’s orca exhibit or dolphin shows. Both orcas and bottlenose dolphins are extremely intelligent, long-lived, and social animals who form close-knit family bonds. Both species have strong instincts to hunt as well as migrate. No fish tank, no matter the size, is an appropriate setting for these magnificent animals.

Take Action: Contact  Sea World San Diego and express your desire to see bottlenose dolphins and orcas in the wild.
Sea World San Diego
500 Sea World Drive
San Diego, CA 92109

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