Turkey Reforms Animal Welfare Law

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To the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for enacting much needed forms to the country’s animal welfare law.

Pet owners in Turkey will be required to verify that they can provide for a new pet.

Turkish pet owners and pet sellers will be expected to prove proper care of animals they own.

According to an article, “Turkey has taken a momentous step for animal welfare: From now on, anyone who owns or sells pets must have a certificate that proves they are able to properly care for the animal and meet all of its basic needs. The Turkish government has also furthered the cause of animal cruelty laws, and has introduced legislation to address the environmental impact of pets as well as the welfare of animals used in experiments.”

Additionally, the reforms ban circuses that involve animals. Also, animal fighting is now considered “purposely ill-treating an animal.”

Take Action: Write to the secretary general of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey congratulating his country’s work on protecting animals. Additionally, make sure your own state, county, and town is doing the best it can to protect animals in your area. Contact your legislators and urge them to ensure the full protection of animals under the law.

Mr. İrfan Neziroğlu, PhD
Secretary General
The Grand National Assembly of Turkey
TBMM 06543 Bakanlıklar Ankara

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