Wolves Need Protection

Wolves need the protections of the Endangered Species Act.

Wolves need the protections of the Endangered Species Act.

We need to protect wolves, not destroy them. One way to protect them is to ensure wolves fall under the provisions of the Endangered Species Act. According to the National Resources Defense Council:

Scientists who have commented on the delisting of wolves indicate several thousand wolves are needed in many areas to ensure their long-term survival. That number has yet to be reached in many locations in the United States.
o Tourism has been affected positively by the introduction and maintenance of a viable wolf population in certain areas of the country. For example, a 2006 study by the University of Montana found that tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park to see wolves brought $35 million annually to the region’s economy, which yields more than $70 million in added benefit to communities in the Northern Rockies.
o The ecological balance of the region is maintained when predator and prey are able to co-exist. Elk populations are healthier, streams run cold and clear, and other wildlife populations are in balance.

As a top predator, wolves are a necessary component of a healthy and balanced environment. To remove protection would create an imbalance that could wreak havoc on the environment. Write to the secretary of the Interior urging her to place wolves on the Endangered Species List.

The Honorable Sally Jewell
Department of Interior
1849 C Street, NW
Washington DC 20240

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