Update to Chipotle Paws Up August 2013


Paws Up!
To Chipotle for integrating more vegan-friendly options into their menu.

In August 2013, we wrote about the need for more meat-free menu options at Chipotle. Chipotle recently announced that it will be offering its vegan Sofritas in the company’s northeastern restaurants, expanding its rollout of this menu item from last year in California.

We consumers can drive changes to restaurant menus if we let our voice be heard. If you want to see more plant-based items on a menu, let the restaurant you frequent know that. And then support those restaurants that are meeting your needs. If you are interested in learning more about plant-based diets, visit our information article and our plant-based recipes .

Take Action: Write a thank-you to the founder and CEO of Chipotle and urge his chain continue to offer plant-based menu items.

Mr. Steve Ells, Founder and CEO
Chipotle Mexican Grill
1401 Wynkoop St., Ste. 500

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