Loss of life…for lipstick?

Consumers must use their purchasing power in order to support those companies offering cruelty-free products.

Beauty shouldn’t rely on pain and suffering.

When the European Union, which consists of 28 countries, along with Israel and India ban cosmetic testing on animals, it’s time the United States joined in. HR 4148, the Humane Cosmetics Act, will bring the U.S. in line with these countries in banning the use of animals in testing personal care items, such as shampoo, lipstick, and hand lotion. It is totally indefensible to continue to use animals in cosmetic testing when non-animal alternatives have existed for years.

To learn more about the cruelty done to animals in laboratory settings, read Is a Mouse a Human.

Please contact your representatives and urge them to support HR 4148, the Humane Cosmetics Act.




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