When you think about it…let’s support those who don’t want to kill.

The youth of our country are now the targets of those that must keep the "tradition" of hunting alive.

The youth of our country are targeted by those struggling to keep the dying “tradition” of hunting alive.

While the number of hunters is actually decreasing, those interested in keeping the “tradition” of hunting alive are now focusing on the youth of our country. Get rifles into their hands when they’re young and maybe, just maybe, the “tradition” will continue. However, many young people are not interested in hunting. They don’t see the point of it. Killing wildlife is not high on their list of priorities. So, what’s the hunting industry to do?

Often the decision is to make it easier for children to hunt. Some states lower the age at which children can hunt on their own. Some firearms manufactures make rifles specifically fit for children and in colors to entice their interest. Some wildlife agencies host killing contests designed just for children. Yet, not all children want to stalk squirrels. We should applaud those who do not want to kill for the sake of killing. We need to offer them alternatives to learn about wildlife while preserving wildlife. When you think about it…let’s support those who don’t want to kill. While companies and agencies that make money off hunting will lose, our children and wildlife will reap great rewards.

2 Responses to “When you think about it…let’s support those who don’t want to kill.”

  1. lwk2431 Says:

    I guess you are one of those people who think you are morally elevated because you _pay_ someone to kill your meat? Oh, are you a vegetarian?


  2. Littlesundog Says:

    I am curious what kind of research you conducted before writing this post. What states have lowered the age that children can hunt on their own? I do know most states require hunter safety courses, and a child cannot purchase a gun on their own, despite the style, fit and color you state is used to entice them. I myself have never seen advertising to entice children to hunt. And “killing contests”? You are saying our state agencies actually host killing contests? I would like to see state statute where this has become legal. I have never heard tell of any of these issues you speak of. I find this post quite ignorant, and it seems to me you are making every bit of this up. To be an effective writer, one needs to do research and make sure the writing is credible. I think you will find most state agencies go above and beyond to make sure wildlife conservation in conducted in a respectable manner. I think you will also find most hunters are respectful of wildlife and nature.

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