When you think about it…why choose cow’s milk?

Coconut milk is a healthy and  humane alternative to traditional cow's milk.

Coconut milk is a healthy and humane alternative to traditional cow’s milk.

There’s soy milk and almond milk and hemp milk and coconut milk and rice milk. Then there’s cow’s milk. The first five are humane choices; cow’s milk is not. Cow’s milk involves forcing cows to give birth every year, indenturing the male offspring into servitude in the veal industry and the females to eventually join their mothers on the milking line. Cow’s milk involves warehousing over 5 million cows in indoor facilities their entire lives, which rarely last more than three or four years (lifespan of a cow is around 25 years). Cow’s milk involves mastitis, milk fever, antibiotics, and a genetically engineered, synthetic hormone called recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH). Soy, almond, hemp, coconut, and rice milks involve no such abuses of living, breathing, sentient beings. Fortunately, with each generation, cow milk consumption is declining. Drinking the milk of a species not our own long after we are weaned is wrong. With all the humane choices available to us, why choose one that is inhumane? When you think about it…why chose cow’s milk?

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