When you think about it…nature should come first.

Thousands of plants and animals are at risk because of recreational activities of humans.

Natural areas are at risk of destruction as recreational activities of humans are on the rise.

Recently, a group of environmentalists expressed concern about opening up natural areas to off-road vehicles. Too often motorized vehicles whether on land or in water are of great concern to those who wish to protect the flora and fauna of an area. How do we balance one need with another? But is off-roading really a need? Shouldn’t our first priorities be toward the land, the natural environment, the animals, insects, fish, etc.? If the decision is one between preserving natural resources and giving a few people (compared to the total population of the United States) a chance to go roaring off over sand dunes, down mountain slopes, or churning up water ways, shouldn’t the natural trump the unnatural? Shouldn’t the lives of thousands of plants and animals be of more value than the stunts of a few humans? When you think about it… nature should come first.

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