Veganism on Air

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To National Public Radio (NPR) and the Cooking Channel for focusing on vegan eating.

Recently, NPR featured a two-part series on vegan eating. Kathy Freston, author of The Veganist, was interviewed on one show and chef Bryant Terry, author of The Inspired Vegan and Vegan Soul Kitchen, on another. How to Live to 100, a new vegan cooking show hosted by chef Jason Wrobel, airs on the Cooking Channel.


Vegan eating, maintain a new plant-based diet!

Vegan eating is slowly gaining in popularity for many reasons. One reason is that people are concerned about their health so are switching from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet. Another reason is the concern people have for the suffering animals endure on factory farms. The cost to the environment of maintaining a meat-based diet is yet another reason people are going vegan.

For additional books on vegan eating, check out the NHES library. Also, check out our plant-based eating section for some great recipes.

Take Action: Let both of these media outlets know you are pleased with their commitment to educating the public about vegan eating. Encourage them to continue their efforts.

Gary Knell, President and CEO
National Public Radio
635 Massachusetts Avenue, NW,
Washington, DC 20001

Kenneth W. Lowe, Chairman, President & CEO
Scripps Networks Interactive
9721 Sherrill Blvd.,
Knoxville, Tennessee 37932

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