Elephants to Stay in Zimbabwe

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To Zimbabwe for returning elephants to the wild instead of shipping them to Chinese zoos.

According to a news story, Zimbabwe has decided not to ship five baby elephants to China for exhibition in zoos in that country.

Four elephants had been shipped in November and one died. The five other baby elephants were awaiting transport when the decision was made to return them to the wild once they have been prepared for their transition.

“State parks and wildlife officials agreed on their release,…and ‘the capture of wild animals for zoos or similar habitats, irrespective of location’ is expected to be stopped.”

Elephants live in herds and work together to protect everyone in the family.

Elephants live in herds and work together to protect everyone in the family.

Elephants, like all wild animals, belong in the wild or in protected sanctuaries and not on display in zoos.

Take Action: Thank the Zimbabwean officials for their commitment to saving lives. Let them know that this compassionate act will serve as a true testament of their concern for the well-being of wildlife and that such an action will go far in fostering a public understanding and respect for the magnificent and gentle elephant.

Mr. Francis Nhema, Minister
Environment and Natural Resources Management
The Permanent Secretary
Kaguvi Building, 11th Floor
Central Avenue, Harare

Mr. Edson Chidziya, acting director of National Parks
Parks & Wildlife Management Authority
Corner Sandringham & Borrowdale Roads
Botanical Gardens
PO Box CY140, Causeway, Harare

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