Airport Security Especially Taxing for Animals

Cats especially can quickly dart away in stressful situations.

Cats can quickly dart away in stressful situations.

Under the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) current policies, animals are removed from their carriers at busy security checkpoints while the carrier is examined. Unfortunately, because of this policy, animals are at risk of escaping, and as a result, injury and death.

We recognize that for the safety of everyone in the airport and in the skies, kennels and carriers must be carefully inspected. However, for the animals’ sake, the inspections should take place in an enclosed area. Removing an animal from a carrier can be difficult even in the most normal of settings; but in a crowded and unfamiliar airport, it is far more challenging. Many animals, especially cats, easily slip out of collars and harnesses and out of their guardian’s arms. If the inspection takes place in an enclosed, safe place, the animal can be easily caught and placed back into the safety of the carrier.

Please join us in writing the administrator of TSA to ask the organization to amend its procedure to make it safer for everyone involved by conducting the screenings in a safe, enclosed space.

John S. Pistole
Transportation Security Administration
601 12th Street S
Arlington, VA 22202

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