When you think about it…farmed animals are getting justice albeit slowly.


The easiest way to help farmed animals is to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Even just a few years ago, we would rarely if ever read about animal abuse on factory farms. After all, the animals were going to be killed, so why would we concern ourselves about workers abusing the animals beforehand. Yet, today, we find numerous cases of animal abuse being brought against workers at factory farms and slaughterhouses. And, in fact, one such case resulted in a $500 million settlement.

Some in the factory farm world want to stifle undercover investigations of their practices. They don’t want the abuse revealed. However, until we have glass walls on our factory farms and slaughterhouses, we must rely on first-hand experience of undercover investigators. Abuse of any animal is cause for concern as nonhuman animal abuse can lead to human animal abuse. In the book Slaughterhouse by Gail Eiznitz, she relates stories of slaughterhouse workers who beat and abused family members because they carried such rage from killing animals all day long.

When you think about it…justice for farmed animals is justice for all animals.

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