When you think about it…killing contests are no contest.


Coyotes suffer from hunting contests.

Every now and again we read of organizations sponsoring contests to kill animals with rewards in the hundreds to thousands of dollars for the most animals killed. A coyote killing contest in New Mexico recently sparked a lot of reaction on both sides of the issue. Those who want to kill the coyotes believe it is their right since the coyotes killed their livestock. Yet, many livestock deaths cannot be attributed to attacks by wild animals. Some people want the animals killed because they killed their companion animal. There are ways to protect our companion animals that will keep them out of reach of coyotes—securely fenced areas for dogs and outdoor enclosures for cats or keeping cats indoors. Others want to save the coyotes from terrible deaths due to starvation and rabies. Saving a wild animal from death due to his or her life in the wild is absurd reasoning. These are wild animals and as such live as best as they can in their natural surroundings. To kill them just to save them makes no sense. Hunting, especially for sport, is not a tradition or way of life that is to be glorified or honored and certainly, when you think about it…should never be made into a contest.

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