When you think about it…if alternative medicine helps us, can it help our companion animals, too?

Under the guidance of a veterinarian, alternative medicines and practices can help animals just as they help humans.

We read daily about alternative medical treatments to help humans; what about alternative treatments to help animals?

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies, chiropractic adjustments, and nontraditional methods to treat pain and disease are now flourishing in the veterinary medical profession*. Dogs who were unable to walk well because of arthritis and other joint problems can regain the use of their legs, giving them a better quality of life and a longer, well-lived life. Cats who have urinary tract problems can be given homeopathic remedies that support a healthier body overall and reduce the frequency and severity of these episodes. Dogs suffering from urinary incontinence, not related to their age, can get relief from pinched nerves by having their spine adjusted by a veterinarian who is trained in chiropractic medicine. Sometimes the animal’s guardians can be taught to do these adjustments at home, saving the dog trips to the vet and the guardian additional vet bills.

The more holistic medicine gains strength in the human medical community, the more we will see it gain strength in the veterinary community. As with traditional medical remedies/treatments, holistic ones are available from birth to death. If a guardian chooses to support his or her animal through the final stages of life, often alternative treatments can ease any pain the animal may be experiencing. By having remedies available at this time of transition, both the animal and the guardian can spend quality time in the final days/hours and can experience this time as a profound and intimate experience.

When you think about it…alternative medicine is not just for the human animal; the nonhuman one can benefit greatly as well.

*As with any medical treatment for your companions, always consult your veterinarian.

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  1. wartica Says:

    I couldn’t see why not because whatever helps us, should do the same for our pet friends:))

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