Protect Big Cats

Exotic animals, such as tigers, are not suitable pets.

Both houses of the U.S. Congress have legislation pending that would protect big cats and the public.
HR 4122 and S 3547, known as the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act, would prohibit the private ownership, breeding, sale, and transportation in interstate commerce of lions, tigers, panthers, cheetahs, lion/tiger hybrids, and other captive big cats.

Exotic pets pose a dangerous threat to their owners, neighbors, other pets, and livestock. The events in Zanesville, Ohio, last fall prove this, as do past tragedies such as Travis the chimpanzee, who attacked a friend of his owner’s, and a bear near Cleveland, who killed his owner’s employee. These animals remain wild despite living with people and need the type of environment and care that can rarely be provided by individual hobbyists. These animals are also likely to pass zoonotic diseases when kept in such close quarters with humans.

Contact your representatives and senators and urge them to pass this important piece of legislation. We deserve to be protected from dangerous and unpredictable exotic animals; and these animals deserve to be protected from the inadequate conditions wild animals endure as pets.

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