Dying to be Exhibited

Paws Down!
To the American Museum of Agriculture for euthanizing two mules to stuff for an exhibit.

Mules are known for their superior intelligence and sense of self-preservation.

According to a news story, “A Texas museum bought and killed two mules for the sole purpose of stuffing them for an exhibit, provoking the ire of animal rights activists.”

The museum “plans to construct a display for the McCormick reaper….” To make the exhibit authentic, the board decided to purchase two mules who were killed and stuffed. When asked about purchasing fiberglass replicas, the museum spokesperson responded, “A fiberglass replica just doesn’t convey the same message.” Maybe not, but the message the museum conveys is that the life of two mules isn’t important and that is not a message with which we can easily live.

Take Action: Write a polite note to the museum’s board president expressing your concern that they value “authenticity” over life and urge them to never kill an animal for entertainment and display purposes.

Don Taylor, President
American Museum of Agriculture
Tele. No.: 806-744-3786
Fax: 877-789-8335
Email: amadirector@agriculturehistory.org

One Response to “Dying to be Exhibited”

  1. Mary Harper Says:

    Mr. Taylor
    If this is your museum’s idea of historical authenticity you should be removed from your position as soon as possible.

    For you to be complicite in this behavior is atrocious

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