Breed-neutral Laws Work

Breed specific legislation is misguided, and simply does not work.

Paws Up!
To the American Bar Association House of Delegates for urging state/local governments to repeal breed specific legislation!

According to a news story, the American Bar Association House of Delegates adopted Resolution 100, “which calls for breed-neutral dangerous dog laws that focus on the behavior of the dog owners and their pets.”

Breed specific legislation does not work. Exluding all members of a particular breed from a community does not end dog bites in that community. Dangerous dogs come in all sizes, shapes, and pure and mixed breeds. To single out one breed is to ignore the fact all dogs have teeth and all dogs have the capability to use those teeth to harm each other and us.

Take Action: Write a note of thanks to the American Bar Association. Then write your legislators letting them know you do not support breed-specific legislation.

Laura S. Bellows
American Bar Association
740 15th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20005
Tele. No.: 202-662-1000


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