Bullfighting in Bogota

Bullfighting is a cruel and torturous practice that should not continue.

Paws Up!
To the mayor of Bogota, Colombia, for showing his support to ban bullfighting in the region by closing the city’s bullring.

The mayor of Bogota, Columbia, Gustavo Petro, has decided to close the city’s bullring. According to a news story, “Petro has promised that the arena [once used for bullfights] will be used for cultural and educational activities. According to the mayor ‘the bullring Santamaria will be part of the district education system, in which the best poets and writers will meet daily with students of our public schools to teach classes of literature.’”

Bullfighting, considered a tradition in Spain, Portugal, and several Latin American countries, involves the ritual killing of one or more bulls in a bullring. Some people contend that a bullfight is a battle to the death of either the bull or the matador. Rarely does the matador die. Most of the time, the bull does.

The bulls are often kept in dark places, fed little and given little water, and then stabbed in the back just before being released. They enter the bright, sun-filled bullring disoriented and often debilitated because they have been fed laxatives or drugs to reduce their energy level.

Take Action: Write a letter thanking the mayor. Let him know you support his decision and urge him to work with others who wish to end bullfighting in their communities.

The Honorable Gustavo Petro
Carrera 8 #10-65
Bogota, Colombia

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