When you think about it…keeping animals cool indoors is important.

Brachiocephalic, or short-nosed, animals such as pugs, bulldogs, and Persians are at greater risk of overheating.

We know we shouldn’t leave animals (and children) in cars in the hot days of summer but what about leaving them in hot houses? Some animals do well in a warm house in hot weather; others don’t. Keeping the indoor temperature around 80 degrees might be fine for some, but others may need a bit cooler place to rest, and still others can withstand temps a bit higher.

If you’re unsure what Fido and Fluffy find comfortable, watch where they sleep. Many cats will sleep in full sun indoors on the hottest days of the year while many dogs will find the air conditioning vent and spread themselves over it. Although cats, typically, can withstand a bit more heat than dogs, each cat and each dog is an individual and will need to be watched for his or her reaction to heat and humidity.

Cats and dogs with short noses have the most difficulty breathing especially in humid climes. So make sure your pugs, bulldogs, Persians, and others have access to the coolest parts of the house. Typically basements are pretty cool and, of course, rooms with shades drawn can also be cool. Rooms with window air conditioners are probably the best for many of our companion animals. The elderly and overweight animals and those with heart/lung conditions also need to be kept cool.

Make sure your companion animal has easy access to water. Some cats and dogs like to lick ice cubes; if yours does, put some in the water bowl to keep the water cool. If your animal likes to exercise outdoors, make sure he or she gets out in the early morning hours before the heat of the day sets in.

When you think about it…our companion animals should be as comfortable as we are during the hot days of summer.

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