When you think about it…have you ever seen a dog smoking?

Animals, such as dogs, should not suffer needlessly because humans choose to consume dangerous substances.

According to an article, tobacco kills more than 1,200 Americans each day. So manufacturers are now introducing modified- and low-risk tobacco products in the hope of keeping their customers. While we all know tobacco is harmful to our health, the Food and Drug Administration may still require these new tobacco products be tested on animals.

There is enough clinical and epidemiological evidence that proves cigarette smoking is harmful to humans. No one today would suggest otherwise. Subjecting animals to further studies to prove what is already known about tobacco is absurd.

In fact, animal testing in many instances has proven to be totally useless in applying data from nonhuman animals to human animals. And to support that the article states, “In fact, tobacco-inhaling experiments conducted on animals a half-century ago strongly indicated that tobacco did not cause lung cancer.” Clearly those tests were wrong.

Will subjecting animals, often dogs, to further studies on the effects of tobacco on human health really make a difference in our current understanding of the damages tobacco causes? When you think about it…what does a dog with a cigarette have to do with your lungs or mine?

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