When you think about it…what have bacteria done for us lately?

Antibiotics ingested by eating animals can throw off the balance of helpful bacteria working in our bodies.

When we hear the word “bacteria,” we think of “germs.” We don’t like germs. Germs cause infections and diseases. But are all germs bad? Scientists have found “100 trillion good bacteria that live in or on the human body.”

So, we need to make sure we’re keeping our good bacteria fit and ready for action. How can we do that? One way is to avoid the overuse of antibiotics. The more we ingest antibiotics, the more likely we are to kill off not only the bad bacteria causing us illness but also the good bacteria that help us maintain proper balances for good health. That case of the sniffles may not need an antibiotic to clear it up. The fewer prescriptions we get for antibiotics, the stronger our body may be.

But there is another source of antibiotics we may not be aware of—the antibiotics that are used to fatten livestock being raised for slaughter. The overuse of antibiotics in factory farming can lead to antibiotic-resistant germs—super bugs as they are sometimes called—that we will not be able to defend against. While this is a real problem and one that should be addressed by the Food and Drug Administration, we can make sure we’re taking care of our healthy bacteria by eliminating antibiotics in our diet. The less often we ingest meat that comes from animals who have been fed antibiotics, the less often we will be killing off our good bacteria.

If our good bacteria are healthy, active, and plentiful, we benefit. When you think about it, they’re one of the best defenses we have against infection.

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