LA to ban selling cats and dogs

With so many companion animals needing homes already, it makes no sense to breed more to sell in pet stores for profit.

Paws Up!

To the Los Angeles City Council for approving a motion to ban the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores.

According to a news story, “The L.A. City Council voted…in favor of banning stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits that are not rescues in an effort to curb the city’s animal euthanasia rates.”

By focusing pet store sales on rescued animals rather than on those bred most often in puppy mills, the city hopes to encourage the adoption of animals from local shelters and thereby reduce the pet overpopulation in Los Angeles.

Take Action: Los Angeles residents, contact your city council members and let them know you support their effort. Residents of other jurisdictions, if there are pet stores in your area selling puppies and kittens from mills, suggest to your elected officials they take the same action Los Angeles has.

Los Angeles City Council
City Hall
200 North Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tele. No.: 213-485-2121

Southern California Public Radio 89.3 KPCC
CBS Los Angeles


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