Elephants on the Move

It's great that Connie and Shaba remain together, but the best place for them to be is a wildlife sanctuary.

Paws Up!
To Reid Park Zoo, Tucson, Arizona, for deciding to keep elephants Connie and Shaba together as they moved to a new location.

Paws Down!
To the same zoo for sending them to the San Diego Zoo instead of an elephant sanctuary.

Where the animals are concerned, sometimes a good act turns out to not be a great act. According to a news source, “…after weeks of public outcry, the [Tucson, Arizona] city council decided to keep Connie and Shaba together.” However, that decision, although on the surface a good one, still leaves the two elephants at the mercy of zoo officials in San Diego where they are now residing.

These two elephants have a long history of caring for one another and deserve to be retired to an elephant sanctuary instead of another zoo.

Take Action: Write a letter to the San Diego Zoo asking them first to respect the two elephants by keeping them together and to further respect them by retiring them permanently to an appropriate elephant sanctuary.

Douglas G. Myers, Executive Director
San Diego Zoo Global
c/o the San Diego Zoo
2920 Zoo Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Reid Park Zoo


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