Without measures to prevent the trade of shark fins within its borders, the United States will still contribute to the millions of sharks killed every year for their fins.

While the practice of finning sharks is illegal in the United States, current federal laws do not ban the trade in shark fins. Therefore, shark fins can be imported into this country. Each year, millions of sharks are killed for their fins, mostly to make shark fin soup. The sharks are pulled out of the water, their fins sliced off, and their bodies returned to the ocean. This barbaric industry has depleted shark populations by as much as 99 percent is some areas, threatening the delicate balance in our marine ecosystem.

New York State and Maryland residents, please contact your legislators and urge them to support bills currently before them. In New York State, the bill is A 7707a/S 6431and in Maryland it is SB 465/HB 393.

Florida, Illinois, and Virginia residents, contact your legislators as well since similar legislation has been introduced in those states.

Hawaii, California, Washington, and Oregon have already passed legislation restricting the trade of shark fins.

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