Australia Needs to Protect Coral Sea

Increased protection will benefit the growth and health of coral reefs.

Protecting the environment is vital to protecting many species of land and sea animals. Australia has the opportunity to shelter an extended portion of the Coral Sea, thereby safeguarding this vital ecosystem. Comments are being accepted for the next couple months regarding Australia’s Coral Sea and what protections it may need to ensure the safety of the coral reefs and the important breeding sites for tuna and marlin, in particular. Write a polite note to the Australian minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities urging his agency to protect all the reefs and breeding areas of the Coral Sea into one large marine national park. Protecting the coral reefs and breeding sites in the Coral Sea is key to protecting the future of that ecosystem.

The Honorable Tony Burke MP
Minister for Sustainability, Environment,
Water, Population and Communities
GPO Box 787
Canberra ACT 2601

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  1. Christine Gallacher. Says:

    Just finished listening on the BBC Tim Winton’s ‘A Coastal Memoir’and because of our memories of Traveling all over Australia has lead me to this site. The benefits of one large Marine National Park protecting the Coral Sea are immense and the cost of not protecting it are even more immense. Everywhere where this protection is happening has brought its benefits but most importantly the awareness to cherish this Heritage is better than just keeping a species in a case in a dusty museum.

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