Circus Animals Get a Reprieve

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To Greece for becoming the first European country to eliminate the use of animals in circuses.

Greece adds its name to a growing list of countries around the world that are banning the use of animals in circuses. Some bans include all animals; others include only wild animals.

Bolivia was the first country in the world to ban all animals from circuses. Other countries in South America considering bans or that have already enacted bans are Peru, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, and Ecuador.

Circus trainers openly use sharp bullhooks to control the elephants.

In Europe, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, and Croatia are considering restrictions or have already implemented restrictions on animals performing in circuses

China has banned the use of animal acts in circuses.

There are several cities in the United States that have banned traveling circuses but those are few, for example, Takoma Park, Maryland; Burlington, Vermont; Boulder, Colorado; and Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, California. We need to ban them either state-by-state or as an entire country.

Wild animals belong in the wild and not trained to perform unnatural acts for our entertainment. Come on USA, it’s time to join the rest of the globe in fighting animal abuse. Ban all animals in circuses.

Take Action: One simple action everyone can take is to never attend a circus where animals are performing. If there is no audience, there will be no circus. In addition, contact your state and Federal legislators encouraging them to introduce bans on circuses within your state and within the United States. The more we lobby for a ban on animals performing in circuses, the more likely such a ban will take place.

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