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Paws Down!
To CareerBuilder and Skechers for demeaning animals in their 2012 Super Bowl commercials.

Commercials featuring animals such as chimpanzees or racing greyhounds rarely show the whole story.

Once again CareerBuilder has shown chimpanzees as bumbling fools who like to play tricks on humans. Using wild animals in commercials sends a dangerous message to people who think they can maintain a chimpanzee as a pet. Wild and exotic animals, such as chimpanzees, can be unpredictable. In addition, whether stolen from the wild or captive bred, wild and exotic animals are deprived of their natural habitat, food supply, and companionship. Further, many of them are shipped around the country/world, which induces stress that causes much suffering and sometimes death. Once they become too old or dangerous to perform, they may be left to languish in cages or are sent to roadside zoos when they are no longer considered economically viable.

The Skechers commercial promoted an abusive sport, greyhound racing, to sell its product. Dogs born into the racing business suffer serious injuries during training and racing. These injuries are rarely treated. Dogs who are not able to race are often shot. While on the racing circuit, dogs are continuously confined in cages barely large enough for them to move around in. Racing greyhounds are given minimal veterinary treatment and suffer from poor nutrition. To ensure dogs race well, trainers often use performance-enhancing drugs. In addition, dogs often race in extreme temperatures in both summer and winter. Live animals, usually rabbits, are used in greyhound training—those animals are typically torn apart by the dogs once they are caught.

Take Action: Urge both of these corporations to discontinue using animals in their commercials. CareerBuilder should be advertising the human animal as we are the focus of the business. Skechers products are meant for human use. Showing humans racing would be a far more effective way to sell a product than using animals abused in the dog racing industry.

Matt Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer
CB Corporate Headquarters
200 N. LaSalle St., Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60601
Tele. No.: 800-638-4212

Robert Greenberg, Chairman and CEO
Skechers U.S.A., Inc.
228 Manhattan Beach Boulevard
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Tele. No.: 310-318-3100
Fax: 310-318-5019

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