Puerto Rico Saves Lives

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To the Puerto Rican Supreme Court for ruling against the monkey-breeding facility in Guayama.

According to a news story, “…the Puerto Rican Supreme Court upheld previous decisions by lower courts and determined that Bioculture, Inc.’s monkey-breeding facility in Guayama was constructed illegally and cannot open for business.

Capuchin Monkey

“…this decision [is] the final blow to Bioculture’s plan to capture more than 4,000 monkeys from Mauritius, confine them to cages in Guayama, and then sell their offspring for use in painful and deadly experiments at notorious facilities abroad, such as Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Charles River Laboratories, Pfizer, and Covance.”

Animal experimentation is inherently cruel as animals are treated as nothing more than expendable commodities receiving minimal standards of care and minimal protection under the law. Alternatives exist to determine the best path to take with human health and well being; therefore, there is little need to experiment on live animals. We have historical data through medical records and autopsies. We can use human cell cultures, human living tissues, computer-based models, and human volunteer studies. We do not need to perpetuate animal testing and the harm it does.

Take Action: Thank the Supreme Court by sending a note to Frederico Hernandez Denton, chief justice. Let him and his colleagues know that you are pleased with the court’s decision and hope Puerto Rico will continue to protect animals.

The Honorable Frederico Hernandez Denton
Chief Justice
Supreme Court
P.O. Box 9022392
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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