Kill Bullfighting, Not Bulls

Mexico City’s legislative assembly will soon be voting on a measure to ban bullfighting.

The tradition of bullfighting is nearing its ends. Today, many of us look upon bullfighting as a tragedy as it is a clear example of animal abuse. The purpose of the fight is to kill the bull. But first, the bull must suffer. Such “traditions” are on the wane. Urge Mexico City to ban bullfights by writing to the president of the Public Administration Commission asking him to support an immediate vote affirming a ban on bullfighting in Mexico City.

Mr. José Luis Muñoz Soria
President of the Public Administration Commission
of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Mexico
Constitution Square # 7. Office 507
Colonia Centro Histórico
Cuauhtemoc CP 06000

4 Responses to “Kill Bullfighting, Not Bulls”

  1. Patricia Mundy Says:

    I applaud him for taking action against this cruel tradition the time has come for this brutality to stop

  2. Margaret Yost Says:

    I am hoping the citizens of Mexico will vote to ban this cruel tradition. Like all mammals, bulls feel the excrutiating pain and even have emotions. It is our duty as humans to take care of animals, not use them for [some of] our greedy profit-making ventures and entertainment.

  3. simona bergman Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how cruel people can be. I honestly don’t know how these people who create pain and suffering for any living being can look in the mirror with a clear conscience. Please stop this cruel form of “entertainment”.

  4. Peter Collins Says:

    There is clear evidence now that people who enjoy torturing animals like this are a threat to other people too, for example by domestic violence and child abuse, and most countries recognise this. Even the main TV station in Madrid have banned showing bull fighting because of the effect on children. You make your society more dangerous by allowing people to treat animals in this primitive, barbaric way, which has also been condemned by the Church, and people therefore do not trust countries like this, and do not want to visit or trade with them.

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