When you think about it…holidays can be stressful for our furry family members.

While we might love the chaos surrounding the holidays, some of our companion animals like their normal, routine life. Having new sights and sounds, people coming and going, odd smells, and even odder lights blinking can set some of our companions into a tizzy.

Keeping our animals safe is a daily, year-around responsibility. However, at holiday time, there may be even more reason to keep a strong watch on our companions.

Decorations can become lethal if ingested or even just chewed up and electric cords can cause shocks and strangulation. New foods in the house might tempt some animals to graze the table or counter, to their ultimate harm—maybe even death.

Even just the fumes from some products can harm or even kill our companions—birds are especially sensitive to fumes caused not just by cooking but by lighted candles and other fragrances.

Visitors may bring objects with them our animal has never been exposed to—medicines, string bags, and vitamin pills. All can be harmful to our companions. They may bring gifts of flowers and plants not realizing some of those flowers and plants can be poisonous to our animals. Those same visitors might bring their own animals. How will everyone get along?

If you’re the visitor, make sure you focus on safety tips before going into a home with animals, especially if you want to bring your animal along. Also, consider how you will manage your animal in transit.

The holidays should be a time of joy, camaraderie, good cheer. When you think about it…make sure you consider your animals while preparing for holiday events. Will your plans bring them joy, camaraderie, and good cheer?

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