West Hollywood Finalizes Fur Ban

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To the West Hollywood City Council for finalizing a ban on the sale of fur all retail stores within their municipality.

The City Council of West Hollywood tentatively adopted a ban of the sale of fur products earlier this year on September 20, but the matter was complicated by stiff opposition from the fur industry and the area Chamber of Commerce. According to a news article, “The five-member City Council of the tiny, tony municipality wedged between Beverly Hills and Hollywood voted 3-to-1 with one abstention to endorse the ordinance, which would take effect in 2013, said City Councilman John Heilman, who voted ‘no.’”

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Over 30 million animals are raised in captivity and killed for their fur each year, and 10 million or more are trapped and killed from the wild. Minks, chinchillas, foxes, rabbits, even dogs and cats are kept in confinement to harvest their pelts. While living in such small spaces, they often develop chronic pacing behaviors in their cages known as stereotypies, commonly develop habits of self-injury, and suffer an unnaturally stressful living environment. The stress of mass confinement for animals such as foxes can even lead them to exhibit cannibalism.

It is important that we work to cultivate an awareness of the products we use and if they contain animal products. Often, fur invokes the thought of a expensive fur coat, but animal pelts are frequently used to trim and line bags, gloves, upholstery, and other accessories and apparel. Check labels to verify that products contain all man-made or non-leather materials, as sometimes cheap-seeming fur that can appear fake is often low grade far from substandard fur farms.

Take Action: Join us in observing Fur-Free Friday by taking a stand against fur this Friday after Thanksgiving and pledging not to purchase fur and other products containing animal pelts now and throughout the year. Write a letter of thanks to the West Hollywood City Council to applaud the new precedent they have set for compassionate legislation, and write legislators in your district and urge them to introduce similar legislation in your area.

Mayor John J. Duran
West Hollywood City Council
(323) 848-6460
Email: ccouncil@weho.org

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