Chile Protects Sea Creatures

Photo by Viral~/Flickr

Often we cannot see the beauty that lies beneath ocean waters but some of the most beautiful reserves in the world exist off the coast of Chile, including jewel-toned coral reefs and fish, mammals such as fur seals and sea lions, and many more beautiful and unusual creatures. Some of Chile’s reserves are home to species that can be found no where else in the world.

These reserves are in jeopardy from the devastation bottom trawling does to ocean animals. Bottom trawling involves scraping giant weighted nets and chains along the seafloor, destroying ecosystems in their paths, including coral reefs and all life that depends upon them. Chile has another opportunity to protect a reserve, the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, as it has protected areas at Sala y Gomez and the Punta de Choros marine reserve. Write the ambassador from Chile urging him to protect marine reserves adjacent to his country from the destruction of bottom trawling.

By protecting these reserves, Chile sends a message of leadership and inspiration to the rest of the world that protecting these jewels of the ocean is a top priority for the country.

The Honorable Arturo Fermandois
Embassy of Chile
1732 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Tele. No.: 202-785-1746
Fax: 202-887-5579

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