Puppy Mills Bad for Business

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To shopping center developer Macerich for banning the sale of live animals in more than 70 of its malls across the United States.

Shopping center developer Macerich announced a new policy—it will no longer renew leases of existing pet stores that sell animals. Instead, the developer will open humane stores offering adoptions of rescued pets.

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Most, if not all, animals sold in pet stores come from puppy, kitten, bird, and other species-specific mills where breeding animals are kept in deplorable conditions their entire lives—which are often drastically shortened due to substandard care—and where the offspring are taken from their family units and shipped miles across country to languish in pet stores.

By not renewing leases of existing pet stores that sell animals and instead opening humane stores offering adoptions of rescued animals, Macerich has set a standard for other mall owners to follow.

Take Action: Contact Macerich and thank the company chairman and CEO for this forward-thinking and life-saving action. In addition, if you know of malls in your community that have pet stores where live animals are sold, talk to the owners and find out what they have to say about the decision of Macerich. Maybe you can start a movement in your community to convince pet stores selling live animals to stop doing so and instead create space for animals from shelters and rescue groups to be placed for adoption. Selling animals from mills is bad for business. Assisting a community by focusing on rescued animals is good for business.

Arthur M. Coppola
Chairman and CEO
11411 N. Tatum Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85028-2399
Tele. No.: 602-953-6550

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