Retailer Adopts Life-Saving Plan

Paws Up!
To Jack’s Pets for no longer selling puppies.

According to a news story, “Jack’s Pets, which owns and operates 27 stores throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, announced…they [sic] have stopped selling puppies and will instead start working with shelters and rescue organizations to offer in-store pet adoptions.”

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As more and more pet store owners recognize the puppies they are selling may come from puppy mills, they are shifting their business model to include working with shelters and rescue organizations to promote the adoption of homeless, abandoned, and abused dogs instead.

In addition, legislation is often the key to reducing the number of puppy mills in a state. For instance, Texas recently passed a comprehensive puppy mill bill. States where puppy mills have the greatest concentration include Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania, although all states have puppy mills operating within their boundaries.

Ohio is prime for passage of a puppy mill bill if residents of the state contact their legislators and urge them to co-sponsor/support SB 130, which would establish standards of care and implement inspections of licensed breeders. The bill is in the Senate Agriculture Committee.

By pet store owners deciding against selling puppies, one avenue will be closed to breeders, thereby, cutting into their business in ways we hope will end the puppy mill trade. By legislators enacting stiff laws to protect dogs in commercial breeding operations, more and more puppy mills will be out of business and more and more dogs will be spared the horrors of life in a puppy mill.

Take action: Thank Jack’s Pets for its forward thinking regarding the sale of puppies. For residents of Ohio and other states where there is little regulation over puppy mills, please contact your legislators and urge them to introduce/support legislation that would establish standards of care in dog breeding facilities and require licensing and routine inspection of all such facilities.

Scott Brenner, President
Jack’s Pets
802 N Orchard Lane
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434
Tele. No.: 937-320-4300
Fax: 937-320-4310


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