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Paws Up!

To the Irvine City Council for banning the sale of retail dogs and cats, wild animal circuses, and rodeos.

According to a news article, “The Irvine City Council voted 4-1 Tuesday in favor of the ban, motivated by concern over large-scale breeding operations…. The vote drew a standing ovation from a majority of the 53 people who attended the hearing….

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“People are ‘moving toward a more thoughtful and conscientious approach to animals,’ Claire Kim told the council in response to the ban. ‘This ordinance responds to the spirit of our times.’”

While some jurisdictions passing similar legislation may experience few, if any, incidents of stores selling cats and dogs or wild animal circuses and rodeos within their borders, ordinances such as the one passed in Irvine help support the growing awareness that animals are not here for us to use and abuse as we see fit. Animals have lives and purposes wholly their own; and few, if given the chance, would choose to live their lives out as puppy mill residents or entertainment objects for the humans of this world.

Take Action: Residents of the City of Irvine, let your councilmembers know you are proud of their efforts to protect animals. If your city or locale is considering such an ordinance, support your councilmembers by educating them on the harm done to residents of puppy mills, performing circus animals, and animals used in rodeos.

The Honorable Sukhee Kang, Mayor
The Honorable Beth Krom, Mayor Pro Tem
The Honorable Larry Agran, Councilmember
The Honorable Steven Choi, Councilmember
The Honorable Jeffrey Lalloway, Councilmember
c/o 1 Civic Center Plaza
Irvine, CA 92606-5207
Tele. No.: 949-724-6000


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