MasterCard Needs to Change Its Promotion

Paws Down !

To MasterCard for a promotion that allows cardholders to purchase discounted tickets to Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa, which includes a dolphin exhibit.

MasterCard is offering a special promotion that allows cardholders to purchase discounted tickets to Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. Encouraging the public to visit venues where animals are on exhibit for human entertainment and economic gain does nothing to teach us about the lives of these majestic creatures and everything to turn them into objects for our amusement.

Photo by DocklandsTony/Flickr

In the wild, dolphins live in tightly knit social units called pods. Some of these pods stay together for life. Yet, when they are captured, they are torn from their family units. They are either chased to the point of exhaustion or herded into a cove where they are trapped. Only the young and healthy are taken for exhibition, yet many of them do not survive the transition from ocean to tank. During these violent chases, the ecosystem from which they are taken is also disrupted.
Some species of dolphins can live more than 40 years—in the ocean. Life in a fish bowl is rarely that long.

In addition, dolphins travel 40 to 100 miles in a normal day. When confined to a tank, these sea mammals develop stereotypies. With little space and no stimulation, they can be seen swimming in static patterns around their fish bowl for hours at a time. They also develop skin problems from living in heavily chlorinated water and suffer from ulcers and pneumonia as well as self-inflicted injuries.

Ric O’Barry, the original dolphin trainer for the television show Flipper, spent 10 years training dolphins to perform; for the next 35 years, he has worked to tear down the very industry he created. O’Barry believes that no dolphin can thrive in captivity whether born in captivity or wild caught. “You’re talking about a creature that’s primary sense is sonar. You have a sonic creature in a concrete box. There are generations of dolphins born in a concrete tank who have never seen the ocean, have never seen a live fish, and have never experienced the tides or the current. They have lived in a concrete box. They were born there. These are freaks that we have inbred for our amusement.”

Take Action: MasterCard cardholders, contact the company and let them know you are displeased with their tacit support of animal abuse.

Ajay Banga, President and CEO
MasterCard Global Headquarters
2000 Purchase Street
Purchase, NY 10577
Tele. No.: 914-249-2000

Source: MasterCard Promotion

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