Barcelona Bans Bullfights

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To the Spanish region of Catalonia for banning bullfighting, effective January 2012.

The last season of bullfighting just closed in Barcelona, Spain before a legislated ban takes effect in Catalonia January 2012. The legislation was passed in July 2010 and marks the second community of Spain to ban bullfighting, after the Canary Islands.

Photo by coatgal/Flickr

Bulls in the ring become methodically maimed and abused to enrage and weaken them for the matador and are subjected to a slow, stressful, and torturous death. Bullfighting has a permeating theme of dominance and violence, and puts animals through conditions that would violate even scant slaughterhouse standards.

Take Action: The Kingdom of Spain has already seen two of its regional communities ban bullfighting, and has banned the broadcasting of bullfights on television. Write the ambassador and congratulate him for Catalonia’s precedent-setting measure for mainland Span, and then urge him to work to end bullfighting throughout the rest of the nation.

The Honorable D. Jorge Dezcallar de Mazarredo
Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain
2375 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20037
Tele. No.: 202-452-0100

Source: EuroWeekly News

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