El Paso, Don’t Return Live Alligators to Shopping Plaza

Photo by Eric Enders

El Paso is redesigning the historic San Jacinto Plaza and some want to see a return of the live alligator display that was discontinued in 1965. In the past, the alligators suffered from cruelty at the hands of passersby. The animals endured thrown objects and cigarette burns and generally create mayhem for the reptiles. Eventually, to protect them, the alligators were moved to the El Paso Zoo.

Risking the alligator’s lives to revive a cruel attraction is inhumane and ill-conceived. NHES feels that the public is poorly educated by most wild animal exhibitions. Guests leave with a misunderstanding of animals’ true nature and an expectation that animals entertain; they do not leave with a passion for conservation.

This history shows that some memories are better left in the past.

Write a polite letter to the mayor of El Paso and encourage him to help keep alligators out of the San Jacinto Plaza. Also, if there are exhibits in your local shopping centers or public spaces, write your city council or mayor to help have the animal sent to a sanctuary.

The Honorable John Cook
#2 Civic Center Plaza
10th Floor of City Hall
El Paso, TX 79901
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