China Halts Canine Slaughter at Festival

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To the citizens of the People’s Republic of China for publicly demanding the end of cruel dog slaughter during a traditional festival in the town of Qianxi, and to their public officials for listening to and implementing their request for a ban.

Photo by Bill Benson/Flickr

The Chinese government has recently banned a festival in which an estimated 15,000 dogs were slaughtered annually. According to a Chinese report , “The government stopped the dog-eating carnival held in every October in Qianxi Township …due to resentment voiced on the Internet as well as increasing discontent among villagers”. The killing of live dogs at the festival became more widespread as vendors selling canine meat attempted to market their products as more fresh, resulting in many haste-driven and painful slaughter practices for the dogs. Eyewitness accounts state that many canines were stabbed, strangled, beaten, and even boiled while fully conscious, among other abuses.

The government ban of the dog meat festival comes as a direct result of online petitions and blogs created and promulgated by Chinese activists. Many have tied the growing public demand for animal welfare standards in China to several factors such as an increase of pet ownership in the burgeoning middle class, and higher rates of keeping companion animals by lonesome migrant workers who work away from their families.

Take Action: Write the Chinese Ambassador in support of the government’s actions banning the dog meat festival, and encourage him to work to continue improving welfare standards for dogs, cats, and all other animals.

Ambassador Zhang Yesui
Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
3505 International Place NW
Washington, DC 20008
Tele. No.: 202-495-2266

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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