California to Ban Shark Fins

Photo by Ted

The California legislature is set to enact AB 376, banning the possession and sale of shark fins, pending signature into law by Governor Jerry Brown. He has until September 18 to either sign or veto the bill.

Shark “finning” is an especially heinous form of fishing wherein the highly-coveted fins are sliced off captured, live sharks and the animals are then simply discarded into the open seas. De-finned sharks slowly sink to the ocean floor and suffer a miserable demise. This method of fishing contributes to the death of up to 73 million sharks annually. The reckless practice of finning has led to an alarming decrease in the number of sharks in our oceans over the past several decades. Because sharks occupy the higher echelons of ocean food chains, the drastic loss of shark populations hold serious consequences for marine life, including the decline of fish populations and the possible collapse of entire ecosystems.

Write a letter urging California Governor Jerry Brown to sign AB 376 and enact the ban on shark fins at once.

The Honorable Jerry Brown
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tele. No.: 916-445-2841
Assembly Bill 376

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